The word Ayurveda translates literally to the knowledge (veda) of life (ayur). Ayurveda is an ancient Indian path to self-healing aimed at relieving the diseases of the body and mind. Often seen as a complement to allopathic medicine, Ayurveda is a type of holistic medicine that focuses more on the body's own health defense mechanisms to address the root causes of distress. Rather than directly targeting and treating symptoms of illness, Ayurveda seeks to balance the entire body with its natural intelligence to heal itself. Using diet, herbs, detox treatments, massage, and energy healing, Ayurvedic medicine promotes a healthy and conscious overall mind, body, and spirit. Just as each of our personalities are different, our bodies are not created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all course of treatment. An Ayurvedic consultation can enlighten you to your body type and offer targeted lifestyle changes that you might not have been aware of.

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Astrology Chart Reading:


Using principles of both Western and Vedic astrology, this session focuses more on your spiritual and mental well being, and is personalized to suit both those naive to astrology and those more well versed. A natal chart reading with our Ayurvedic practitioner involves a more directed evaluation of your current astrological situation, and the opportunity to dig deeper into personal or current life circumstances.

The session includes a summary report and personalized recommendations intended to provide a foundation for any personal goals. Unlike a typical astrological report, this personalized report is based uniquely on your one-on-one sessions, and becomes part of a written record reminding you of your real life progress.

Nutrition Counseling & Holistic Coaching:

Initial Consultation: $150

30, 60, 90 day customizable packages, combining one-one-one counseling, body treatments, and personalized diet & detox programs. Our Ayurvedic practitioners collaborate together regularly and will provide you with a structured plan to help get you started on your personal goals.

Mind-body counseling

$75 per session

Building off your first visit, these mini sessions are meant to be directed in the path that you specifically want to focus on. Be it for your physical health, your spiritual wellbeing, or somewhere in between, an Ayurvedic practitioner can help you stay accountable and monitor your progress.

*Initial consultation required

Ayurvedic Consultation:

Ayurvedic Consultation:


Confused as to what is really healthy? Tired of trying to follow the latest health trend? What if your body type held the answers to all of your health questions? Intended as an introduction to both your physical and spiritual health, An Ayurvedic consultation is meant to provide the starting point or general direction for whatever your current focus is. An Ayurvedic consultation generally involves assessing an individual's dominant Dosha, or unique body & illness type, and recommending a course of treatment or regimen specific to your circumstances.

In each consultation, you will receive:
1. a pulse & tongue diagnosis,
2. A discussion of your Vedic chart,
3. a detailed intake of your diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle,
4. and recommendations to help balance your body type/areas to dig deeper.