Laser Hair Removal

Safe for any skin type, any time of year

Our laser hair removal system is the best in the industry. Equally for men and women, small and larger areas alike, there's no longer a reason to continue fussing over unwanted hair growth. Providing advanced, dual-laser hair removal solutions for every skin type, coupled with the superiority of sapphire contact cooling, laser hair removal has never been as painless as it is now. Generally 4-6 treatments are required for desired results.

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What makes our laser different than other lasers?

Cutera's excel HR technology delivers consistent and targetted energy in every pulse, efficiently reducing the overall number of treatments required. By using true laser technology, and taking advantage of two distinct wavelengths, our laser is safe and effective on all skin types all year-round.

With continuous, contact sapphire cooling, our laser has been proven to provide the most comfortable laser hair removal treatment out there.

How many treatments will I require?

The total number of treatments will vary on the area treated, but most people find it takes 4-5 treatments to get desired results.

How often do I come in for treatment?

Treatments should be spaced roughly 6-8 weeks apart. Hair grows in different stages, and you ideally want to get treated a little after you start to see hair growing back in the treated area. Not waiting long enough for the hair to breach the skin or waiting too long so that the hair had already finished its growth cycle could result in increasing the total number of treatments required.

What areas can be treated?

Our laser technology is perfectly suited for both fine and coarse hair, and virtually any body area can be treated.