Massage has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Ancient cultures such as India, China and Egypt relied on massage as a natural healing modality.Today, the benefits of massage are widely recognized. Did you know an hour's massage is the equivalent of an 8-hour night's rest? Massage is genuinely one of the most refreshing gifts you can give to your musculoskeletal foundation.

Getting regular bodywork is rejuvenating, and in many cases necessary for your body to heal itself. Benefits of regular massage therapy go beyond pain management and relaxation, and may include increasing immunity, regulating digestion, and reducing general anxiety.


1 hour: $65
1.5 hour: $90

For superficial aches and pains, this deeply relaxing massage simply aims to increase circulation and elevate your mood.

Deep tissue/Trigger point:

1 hour: $75
1.5 hour: $100

For more chronic pain and deep muscle tension, this 'resetting' massage is intended to loosen knots, improve muscle mobility, and even improve posture.


1 hour: $70
1.5 hour: $90

For an overall therapeutic experience, aromatherapy massage stimulates the limbic system and releases toxins from the body..The fragrance of our essential oils reduces anxiety, eases depression, and invigorates the soul.

Cupping Massage/deep tissue:

1 hour: $85

Cupping is a painless and effective treatments for joint and muscle pain. It promotes blood flow and is effective in targeting tight fascia and muscles. It complements deep tissue massage to help overcome both older and newer injuries.


1 hour: $70
1.5 hour: $90

Ideal for anyone who is regularly physically active. Using a combination of gentle pressure and stretching techniques, the session is customized to your personal needs, whether for muscle recovery or improving flexibility and muscle efficiency.

Hot stone:

1 hour: $90
1.5 hour: $125

For extremely tight or sore muscles, the retained heat from the strategically positioned stones stimulate loosening of the fibers, allowing your therapist to more effectively work through your deeper problem areas.


1.5 hour: $135

This renewing experience involves a completely personalized massage session geared towards your problem areas, followed by mineral-rich mud being gently scrubbed into and left to purify your back. The mud is then cleared off you while you are still laying on the table.

Reflexology foot treatment:

.5 hour: $30

A reflexology treatment involves targeting specific pressure points with the intention of stimulating our body's natural or "reflexive" healing mechanisms. The treatment is based on the idea that there are pressure points all over our body.


1 hour: $70
1.5 hour: $90

Designed specifically for expecting mothers, the purpose of a prenatal massage is to gently ease sore muscles and joints by improving circulation, squandering aches and pains, and reducing anxiety and fluctuating hormones.